Latest update causes lock-up

I have been using Comodo Personal Firewall with my desktop XP and now with W7 with no problems for years with the periodic update. The latest update was offered to me 2 days ago. I accepted and it started to install but appeared not to complete. The PC then ■■■■■■■ up and I was only able to restore operation by doing a system restore in safe mode. Now of course the update is again being offered but I am reluctant to go through the same experience again.
Is this experience unique to me?
Should I ignore this update and wait sufficient time until a new update is offered, assuming I can distinguish them?
My current version is The latest update has been downloaded but I have not proceeded with the installation.

I have the same F@I^&# problem on my Windows 7 after updating CIS v8 to v10. The internet connection was killed, some programs was freezes, v10 can’t be uninstaled, windows restore points dosnt work, instalation of CIS offline can’t be completed.

I must to reinstall ALL Windows and programms TWICE trying different things to make it work!!! A lot of time was loost because of Comodo… :-TD


Glad to know it didn’t happen only to me.

I resolved by doing a complete uninstall with revo installer and then proceeded to do a clean install. No issue on lock-up or the firewall asking me permission back from scratch, like it did after the update.

[I have the issue that now he doesn’t want to log to the update server, but that’s another story[

Re #3 I was thinking along similar lines myself, or of changing to a different firewall. In the interim I would like to know if the Comodo people themselves read these posts, and if there is a “common” bug if they are proposing to fix it??? And issue an updated update?

I don’t know if there is a Comodo Uninstall facility but if I use Revo will it also detect and remove the latest downloaded but not installed update that appears to be the source of the trouble?

Hi Telegraph_Sam,

Sorry for the trouble caused. This is all known issues and we are going to release a fix very soon.
Thanks for your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Thanks and I will look forward to receiving the fix. In the interim however the update that seems to be causing the problem has been downloaded onto my PC but in spite of daily reminders has not been installed (because I suspect this will cause a repeat of my earlier problems). How can I stop this happening either before or after you send the fix? I was trying to find, without success, an “update” file within the original program files that I could disable or delete.

Thanks but the update has already been downloaded (but not installed). Can I somehow delete the update and then reactivate the downloads only when you have issued the fix? And how then will I know when you have issued the fix if the downloads are deactivated?

Can someone tell me if it is possible to disable the Install update prompt - relating to the update that has already been downloaded but not installed - until such time that the fix becomes available - which I hope would itself overrule the update that is causing the problems?

I am guessing that one can survive OK with the non-updated version (9??) in the interim?

Did you disable check for updates in general settings > updates? You shouldn’t get the prompt unless you manually run the program update task.

I was looking for the General Settings tab/screen to do just that but it was none too obvious where it is located and how to access it. A pointer would be helpful.

If I find it in the end I will need to know when to reactivate Updates once the fix is released, and hope that this will then override V 10 which is waiting to be installed.

If you still can’t find it see the online manual here.

The problem all along has been that, possibly because I am using the Firewall only rather than the whole CIS suite, I don’t appear to be able to call up the “General Settings” screen that is shown in the manual. For example by clicking / right clicking on the Comodo icon at the bottom of my screen. What is the secret?

I had the same problem. I’m under Windows 10 EDU and using full Comodo suite.

Open the main interface and click the settings button near the top if you’re using the arcadia or new lycia theme.

No matter how I click on the icon at the foot of my screen or on the desktop itself it doesn’t bring up the interface that you are talking of with a “Settings” button, just a Comodo Firewall screen where this is missing. I must somehow have to get to the main CIS suite interface. How??

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? What theme are you using? Just double click the tray icon and it should bring up the main GUI.

I hope the attached shows the situation. From what I can deduce themes don’t come into it (!)

Just adding my experience in to the discussion. I use Comodo Firewall only. I also accepted the update to, and the problems started. I have two computers, one running Windows 7 Professional x64, and one running Windows Home Premium x64. The same problems appeared on both machines. On the Home Premium machine, ONLY the Comodo Firewall update had been installed … no other changes or updates to the computer. In both cases, the install froze at 82.2%.
These symptoms are listed in other posts on this forum. The message that “Comodo Security Agent could not be started” appears, and a message that Windows System Event Notification Services could not be started (and advises that only administrative users can log on to this machine). The Windows Aero theme is not present, but a more basic Windows theme. Comodo Firewall is not shown in the system tray. However, double-clicking on Comodo brings up a screen that says all systems are up and running fine, and then the Firewall icon appears in the system tray. Programs freeze or hang, sometimes windows can’t be closed without using the Task Manager, and the computer will never finish shutting down … I had to power off the computer.
Today I uninstalled the Comodo Firewall on both computers, using Revo Uninstaller Pro. On my primary (Windows 7 Professional) machine, it took a very long time, and the computer would not shut down afterwards. After rebooting, I was unable to access the internet. I used CCleaner to clean out the leftover registry entries for Comodo, used a command prompt to clean up some networking items, and re-configured my network adapter (which still had a Comodo Agent listing in it). The computer is back to normal functioning now … but without a firewall (Note: I’m behind a router.
On my second machine, I had used Revo Uninstaller Pro to monitor the installation of the Comodo Firewall update. Using the Revo log, the uninstall went without a hitch and there were no leftovers to deal with. That machine is also running just fine now.
I’ve been using Comodo Firewall for quite a few years now, and I’ve been happy with its performance for the most part. But this update problem was quite worrying.

Worrying, as you say, though I seem to have had less hassle than you by doing a system restore at least as a temporary fix (I still get the v.10 install prompts which I can’t get rid of) is concerned.
In the circs and taking all that has been said into consideration can we ask for “official” advice from the Comodo experts on what those affected should do please.

  • whilst waiting for the patch to be released (and notified??)
  • after the patch has been released
    Is there a dedicated Firewall or CIS uninstaller that one could use with the confidence that it would avoid the problems described above?