Latest Update Caused Problems

Windows Vista Business OS. About 10 days ago my computer started running very slow. On investigation I found both processors of my dual core system running flat out all the time. There was a message that a program could not display a message on my desktop and to click here to display the message. When I did that I only got a message to click here to return with no other message displayed and when I returned to my desktop the other message persisted. When I clickrd on the “more information” tab it showed that microsoft interactive services was trying to display the message but there was no clue as to what triggered this event. I tried all sorts of program removals, stopping interactive services etc but couldn’t find the problem. I finally restored my system from the backup I had made and the computer ran properly again. This evening I got a message that COMODO wanted to install an update which I agreed to. When the computer restarted the problem above returned. I uninstalled COMODO Internet Security and the problem dissapeared. When I uninstalled COMODO I got a screen asking why I uninstalled with multiple choice reasons for uninstalling, the only one I could chose that described part of the problem was that it slowed my system down but it didn’t do justice to my hours spent in trying to find the problem and certain loss of data that I suffered between the full system backup of a few weeks earlier and the restore.

I am very interested in the failure you experienced because I have not yet upgraded from CIS 3.9 to 3.10.102363.531. I noticed that the release topic for 3.10.102363.531 was last edited on July 7, which was 15 days ago. Did you take the automatic update to 3.10.102363.531?

Here is a possible scenario that could cause major problems:

  1. Defense+ settings enable “Block all the unknown requests if the application is closed”
  2. Windows Update installs a new executable that is not in the Comodo Safe List
  3. Windows needs the new executable for the next boot up, but Defense+ blocks it - making the PC very slow.

Could this have happened to you?

No definitely not, I had defense plus turnd off permanently because I got fed up with all the pop-up messages evey time I installed software. I feel the latest problem was as bad as a serious undetected virus infection so I have now reverted to the built-in Windows firewall that does not damage my system. I also had problems with COMODO anti-virus flaging my old DOS Turbo Pascal compiler executables as dialer Trojans so I had removed the COMODO anti-virus and had reverted to Avast which I have found to be trustworthy.

I don’t know now the version of the update because it has gone. I do not think I will be re-installing COMODO IS, my system is working well now.

Sorry to hear about your bad experience with the performance and the false positives.

As for the false positive you could have added the *.ext files to the Exclusions.

When you feel like trying Comodo again, it still is a kick ■■■ and secure suite, I have some guidelines that will help to get rid off leftovers of Comodo and previously uninstalled security programs. That will give you a clean and proper start.

Let us know.

Dear Toti,

I too am sorry to hear about the problems you experienced with CIS. I have been unhappy with false positives from the anti-virus in CIS v3.9. I don’t yet have experience with v3.10, but I’m going to give it a try, as others have reported it is better in this way. The tight integration of the AV with the firewall and Defense+ attracts me more to CIS than the potential compatibility problems between components from separate companies.

I also empathize with your frustration with Defense+. I have spent a lot of time to learn how to use it and configure it so that it is secure yet not noisy with pop-ups. I have also been learning how to configure it so that there are no pop-ups for an inexperienced user who shares my PC. But I feel that Defense+ has usability problems for inexperienced and intermediate users who install it and don’t want to spend so much time experimenting and reading the forum. I have been submitting a lot of suggestions to Comodo about this.

I am glad you took the time to let the Comodo forum know of your experience. My main concern for you is that the Windows firewall provides no protection against spyware on your PC sending info back to its server. I have experienced firewall alerts from software that I trusted doing this. Also, AV only catches a small part of new malware, so the firewall (other than the one included in Windows) is the best defense against these. Therefore, I encourage you to install Comodo’s firewall only. It is the most secure of all of the free firewalls. See

Kind regards

I also had problems with COMODO anti-virus flaging my old DOS Turbo Pascal compiler executables as dialer Trojan
Could you write on where you got the program {DOS Turbo Pascal compiler} from AND/OR any other program that's causing false postives for you??? :) It doesn't matter if it free or a paid version. I'll try to get it up and running and I'll report any false positives I can find or unless someone beats me to the punch

If it can’t be downloaded online, can you upload it to and post the links to it here :slight_smile:

I was trying to figure out, how old it was

Catalog of Files by Subject as of : 09/09/1992
        Main Board Directory 15 - Compilers & Programmer Utils             

File Name Size Date D e s c r i p t i o n

PAS-IO.ZIP 38912 01-26-90 IBM Pascal Utility I/O Subroutines
PCSIG573.ZIP 86372 07-07-89 single chip cross assembler
PCSIG643.ZIP 52776 07-07-89 Table Driven Cross Assembler
PDPROLOG.ZIP 125315 07-06-88 pd prolog programing language
PED101.ZIP 167763 08-07-89 Programming editor
PI47.ZIP 93627 06-13-92 þþþ PROGRAM INSTALLER PRO Version 4.7 þþþ
Professional Developer’s / Programmer’s Auto-
Installation Program. Highly Congifurable.
Sets up in minutes! A must for software dist-
ributors who want a professional, hi-quality
installation front-end for their
Many new enhancements. Top in its Class!
PLDEMO1.ZIP 329163 08-03-89 MS CDROM Programmer’s Library Demo 1/2
PLDEMO2.ZIP 230689 08-03-89 MS CDROM Programmer’s Library Demo 2/2
PROBOTS.ZIP 81432 07-20-92 Hone your Pascal skills by programming a
robot to fight others robots. Many examples
included. Require Turbo Pascal.
PULLC21.ZIP 209771 01-10-91 Pull-down windows for Turbo-C
PULLCDMO.ZIP 59165 01-10-91 Demo of PULLC21.ZIP
QBSCR14.ZIP 265333 05-17-91 Quick Basic Window Routines (GREAT)
QBX.ZIP 46556 07-07-89 Quick Basic label/symbol cross reference
QUATFONT.ZIP 13467 02-16-89 TP source to add QUATTRO fonts to v4.0
QWIKC21.ZIP 76860 01-10-91 Turbo-C Screen Handler w/PULLC21
QWIKCDMO.ZIP 23062 01-10-91 Demo for Shareware Qwikc21
R3SIM.ZIP 50135 09-26-89 Emulates the Motorola 68705R3 chip
REFCARD.ZIP 7404 01-22-90 A reference card for C programmers
SC88.ZIP 81212 07-06-88 Small-C new Byte Version
SCBENCH.ZIP 30412 07-06-88 Small-c benchmarks and support from BYTE
SCI.ZIP 32520 03-09-88 Interactive Interpeter based on Small C
SCL1A.ZIP 123905 01-22-90 Function library for C compilers
SD233.ZIP 91888 07-17-88 Screed Designer v2.33
SL-TC130.ZIP 143129 01-22-90 Steve’s Libraries for Turbo C
TANDY.ZIP 48768 05-17-91 TurboC++ for Tandy 16 Color Shareware
TASM.ZIP 103520 02-05-90 Cross Assembler: 6502,8048,8051,6805…
TBASIC.ZIP 136148 06-13-88 Demo version of True Basic
TBWIND32.ZIP 23276 06-13-89 Turbo Basic Windowing Procedure (Great)
TC-XMEM.ZIP 14445 08-21-89 Access extended memory from Turbo-C
TP4MOUSE.ZIP 2689 02-15-89 Mouse driver for Turbo Pascal 4.0
TPIO22.ZIP 41848 06-20-88 Good Turbo Pascal data entry utils
TPMOUSE.ZIP 1862 02-15-89 Mouse driver for Turbo Pascal 3.0
TTT405.ZIP 196397 08-19-88 TPv4.0 routines for Windows,Menus,Data…
TURBODBG.ZIP 24048 08-19-88 Turbo Pascal Debugger. GOOD.
UCRASM.ZIP 241009 02-25-92 U of Calif/Riverchase ASM library
VISPAS.ZIP 75687 07-06-88 visible pascal programing language.
WASM20.ZIP 98950 01-24-91 Wolfware’s Shareware Assembler.
WNDWC21.ZIP 133297 01-10-91 Turbo-C Windowing Shareware
WNDWCDMO.ZIP 42637 01-10-91 Demo for wndwc21

I haven’t played with dos in a loooong time, based on this, I’m going to guess 19- 21 years old :o

Just curious is Microsoft Ms-dos compatible with good old dos??

Hi jay2007tech,

Thanks for your input.
I am a retired radio development engineer but when I was working I wrote quite a lot of circuit simulation programs in Turbo Pascal and this IDE was used in the DOS era in the 1980’s. These programs may no longer be available but I have copies from the days when I was using it. Read about it here: Turbo Pascal - Wikipedia

The text based programs still run in a dos window under Vista. I have managed to get some of the graphic programs to run using DosBox Portable.

Here is a small passive filter design program that I wrote and which will run in a DOS Window:

Here are the links to the programs that gave false positives:

Good to go :-TU

as of 7/23/2009 some time in the afternoon :slight_smile:
It detected (highest setting)

Since only these 2 were detected, I got them reported.

It was nice to see old dos programs come into good use :slight_smile: