Latest update (Build 3.13.119746.572) problems with Windows 7

I’ve been running COMODO under Vista and since upgrading to Win 7 with no problems. The latest upgrade, November 17, 2009, seems to have a compatibility problem.

The prior version launched the COMODO interface on start-up, but since the update CFP.EXE reports as incompatible with Win 7. The interface does not launch on start-up. I checked the compatibility mode and it is set to run as adminstrator for all users, but to access the interface I have to left click the icon from the start menu and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu.

Action Center lists COMODO as my firewall, AV and anti-spyware, but the interface does not launch.

The Compatability Wizard indicates that CFP.EXE is now an incompatible program. I had no issues with the prior build.

I have also uninstalled COMODO, manually cleaned the registry and re-installed, but the exact behaviour persists.

I have two ‘7’ PCs where I have stupidly upgraded CIS. One PC is totally trashed …

I reinstalled ‘7’ not thinking it was Comodo - installed CIS and the same thing. PC will not start up at all.

The other PC starts up but reports ‘7’ as an illegal copy.

Got one XP box with problems - I am having a real good day !!!