Latest update blocks Apple TV and Air video HD

Hi All,

Ive had a search for a recent post in this issue but nada so here goes.

After a recent comodo update My apple TVs cant find itunes on my pc and air video server HD and the iphone app Air video HD cant connect (server cant be verified).

I uninstalled comodo briefly and it all worked, I reinstalled and the problem is back

Can anyone help?

1° you did an update not a new install of CIS
2° you cant find itunes
3°air video server HD and the iphone app Air video HD can’t connect …
4°I uninstalled comodo briefly

ok _ will you please trying to uninstall deeply ( following the guide if it can help you ) and re-install correctly the new version ?
now_ what it does not work ?

you are on a mac , is not it ?

Did you set up a network zone when it was detected, and is the AppleTV and iphone addresses inclusive to that network zone? You may also want to make sure you have proper rules for Bonjour (mDNSresponder.exe) to support apple’s configurationless networking.

You should also mention the level your firewall is running in.