Latest Retrospective Test November 2010 from AV comparative

Again, Comodo is not included in the test. May I know when comodo is going to be included in the AV comparative’s tests? I am really excited to see the result of comodo beats norton

Hi dannyyap2006,

Why you are so excited ? :wink:

This issue was discussed hundreds of times here in the forum. Please just search & find the respective threads

Since there are no standards yet established , Comodo not willing to participate
That’s completely understandable and correct.

Despite our love / excitements / judgments / etc. about all those tests thinking that those are very objective, currently we do not have any other choice rather than being purely subjective, meaning – testing yourself in real life using real malware

There were several posts ( images included) here showing that Comodo’s AV detection rate currently is around 60% compare to other leading AV solutions / competitors

My tests shows that it’s about right. What you can tell?

As for the Comodo’s FPs rate … please read the forum. My opinion – that’s completely unacceptable.

But again … until the standards of testing are in place – that’s indeed doesn’t make any sense to completely rely on those existing tests

Test yourself personally – that’s the only option at the moment

Say, I am with Emsisoft for several years. It has the best detection rate on the market for many years in a row, which all existing tests you can mention.
Only Avira “won” once 99.98 - 99.97, but … despite all the statistics, I’ve tested it myself in order to be convinced & I can tell with confidence – that’s true
(needless to say that’s achieved currently just by using only signatures… without heuristics… think about it, please)

You have all power to do the same with Comodo AV (testing)


It is because I am just a beginner and I always look for the tests of security software that done by those experts…And I am a risk adverse, I don’t dare to test it personally and I hope to get the acknowledgement from those experts about the antivirus software that I am using now is a smart choice.

if avira let packers runtime detection, avira won this.
Comodo dacs copy past avira ahead detection.

Hi dannyyap2006,

I am just a beginner
Nothing wrong with that, That will pass & you'll get an experience if you are willing to learn
I don't dare to test it personally
If you made your mind already & are not willing to learn – nothing can be done really. Rely on “experts” point of views in this case / don't test other solutions /enjoy … that's hopeless , but that's your choice & you rights
I always look for the tests of security software that done by those experts..
we all do... but … as soon as experience will come you'll realize at least few things: [b]1)[/b] you have to learn at test & choose [b]2) [/b]PC security world is kinda conspiracy … yes :) (full story is out of scope here) [b]3)[/b] there are only two ways to deal with WinDos & its' pathetic security #1 – learn / understand / be involved deeply ... forever #2 – the best way – forget about it. Learn (...hmmm... again that bloody word) how to backup your data on a regular basis. Have a decent system image backup (I do not mean CTM - stressing!) … & then enjoy ! As soon as you suspecting an infection … just recover & start again enjoying … as simple as that! Sure , having decent firewall is important ; having additional layers of security in your browser, for example, is important … and so on & so forth , that will just reduce the number of possibilities of being infected

Much more to tell., but I’ll refrain myself at the moment




Most likely … that’s my English … but can you be more specific, please?
Packers was & is an issue for many / any security as we all know - no question about it
No sarcasm or anything like that intended … I simply wanna comprehend the statement. I can guess what that means , but I do prefer not guessing. Thanks

huh ??? that is completely … “beyond” …

Do you know what DACS mean?
If so , please enlighten us :slight_smile: , because there are many thread practically dedicated & devoted to that mysterious abbreviation… & nobody knows yet & the devs keeping it in secret
Even Melih !!! cannot be “cracked” ;D in order to reveal “DACS” 's darkest secrets

My regards