Latest Leak Test Results! Guess what, Comodo is the Best :-)

I know, I know… its not a surprise…
but good to know and to hear from a third party site :slight_smile:

Welldone to the Firewall team! Excellent work guys.

And also a big welldone to the Matousec team for putting the effort in and creating a very useful reference with latest tests!


BTW: our latest beta does pass COAT leak test (:KWL) (:NRD)

I totally agree :slight_smile:


Yesssss, and I was sure it would get best results!
Keep on working like this, Comodo!

p.s.: do you know what the term COMODO mean in Italian?
It means "comfortable and/or convenient

Nicola S.

Nice work Comodo!
Maybe you should tell them that the beta pass the Coat test… :wink:

Well done! :wink:

Actually Egemen made a good point in his post: here it is: The point is these testing guys created a way of finding cheaters on leak tests! Check it out, they explain it…

Hi All,

Guys at the following site published a comprehensive firewall leak test.

Unlike other testers, these guy(s?) are systems programmer(s) and are very familiar with modern malware techniques.

Thats why cheaters failed !

Current version i.e. CPF, had a race condition bug which caused it to fail the leak test “Coat” but beta versions are immune from this bug.


Congratulations to Melih and the entire Comodo Team! To be honest, I was not expecting Comodo to top Outpost, but it did so with ease. Impressive.

Congratulations Comodo (:KWL)


Congratulations COMODO Team! AWESOME AND NICE WORK!:■■■■

U beat me to it! I was just about to announce this great news. (:WAV)

I was happy to see these test results (:CLP)