Latest HitmanPro FP

HitmanPro.exe is currently being detected as Heuristics suspicious@122016067

Heuristics on High. CIS Data base 6012 I can`t test it again as my right click manual scan seems to vanished :frowning:


Hello Matty_R,

We’ll check this and get back to you soon.

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Cheers FlorinG, it doesnt seem to be detecting it now. Ive looked in Defence+ events and it says scanned online and found safe 1.19pm. The initial detection occured during a Firefox Beta 4 to Beta 5 update when the desktop was refreshed. I subsequently scanned it on USB drive and got the same result.

Some pics may help.

Update: My right click scan has come back after a reboot and know with the exact same database and settings as before HitmanPro35.exe is not being flagged as suspicious ???

Update2: thought that HitmanPro might have updated but according to the MD5, SHA1, etc they are the same. Why it was detecting it before and not now i don`t know

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Hello again Matty_R,

This False Positive has been fixed. You can update to Virus Signature Database version 6014 and confirm it.

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Thanks FlorinG,

I can scan it any which way but loose now and it`s fine :-TU



Hitman pro still detected in database version 6018

and in CIMA



We’ll check this and get back to you soon.


Still detecting it for me with the latest definitions. I must say this FP helps me see how fast Comodo is when the setting for the anti virus are set to On Access. :slight_smile: As soon as I downloaded it again it got quarantined.

Hi Peter5,

Reported FP has been fixed with DB 6022.


Its fixed alright haha. I downloaded it again because Comodo quarantined it lol. So I have Hitman Pro back. :slight_smile: