Latest Firewall - why all the chatter?

Hi Guys,

Finally installed the latest version of the firewall (5.0.16236.1135).

Just a quick question. Got wireshark running here - theres a lot of chatter (in the form of single UDP and TCP packets between CIS and The suite itself shows at any one time between 6 and 12 active connections.

This has been going on for 30 mins now. Why all the chatter? Checking of each packet reveals nothing odd.



PS - no other apps running on machine
PPS - just hit ‘Stop all traffic’ and then allowed traffic - the chatter has now completely stopped. Seems odd… any thoughts would be appreciated.

Cloud? (Defense+ Settings / Image Execution Control Level)

A new feature checks files not in the whitelist or Trusted Software Vendors.

You may find some new entries in Trusted files and Trusted Software Vendors.


Hi - thanks Dennis.

Yeah, I guess it might have been some sort of preliminary check, seeing that all this occurred straight after the install.

24 houurs on (ie now) all is quiet on the chatter front.