latest firewall, (v4) "FULL" download ?

hi !

why cant i download the latest firewall “normally” ?

i tried, but i only got the cfwfree_installer.exe: 2,7 MB

when i start it, the installer wants to download the complete firewall, 48,2 MB,

and it tells me that: my present version 3.x must be uninstalled before proceeding.

i´m confused, should i uninstall my firewall and run my computer WITHOUT a firewall while i´m upgrading the firewall ?!?!?!


of course i always disconnect from the internet while i´m upgrading my security.

is the FULL download available somewhere ?

Is that so?

In my case cisfree_installer.exe silently terminate soon after “Select the Language” dialog if CIS 3 is installed. ???

URL for CIS4 standalone installer mentioned in: Unofficial Offline CIS 4.0.135239.742 Final installers.