Latest Firefox bundles Mc Affee

After former CIS versions bundling taskbars, Firefox probably got some money from bundling Mc Affee security scan.

When Firefox asks you to update to 3.6.4, it also has a check button for Mc Affee.

I usually never check such a button, but i got in trouble with the latest FF update, crashing me because the latest Adobe Flash Player was not installed, and refusing to do anything if i did not install Adobe update itself (this last event being also very stupid, as i never use whatever Flash Player).

I therefore suppose that, through this mess, Mc Affee automatically installed itself: now that we have it, let’s run it, and there, it becomes very funny: inspecting my “system security”, it reports me that Comodo is installed and ensuring my firewall security (but as far as i know, Mc Affee does not have any firewall), while it tells me that Antivir Desktop is desactivated (definitely not true), so i am “in danger” and automatically linking me to… Mc Affee download site, “needing Internet Explorer” (Did Firefox also get paid not only by Mc Affee and Adobe, but also by Microsoft???).

Next step is of course uninstalling this junk.

Very disgusting commercial practices, aren’t they?

It worked OK for me - no McAfee but I did the Adobe install.
Everything seems OK!
(WinXP SP3)

Hi brucine ,

1st Fox 3.6.6 was already released

Then, interestingly enough I always preferred downloading whole Setup and install over
The version 3.6.4 was installed that way. Plus I always have a portable version as well

There was no sign of McAffee ??? unless I really forgot that or was “on auto-pilot” & unchecked it (I doubt the latter)

Just out curiosity (don’t ask why :slight_smile: ) I decided on-line update from 3.6.4 to 3.6.6 this time and it worked fine … no McAffee during on-line update for sure

…hmm… that’s interesting, but thanks for the message I will have a look … next update

…and as a matter of fact how do you manage to live without Flash?
…no YouTube? or something like that :slight_smile:


That McAfee scan probably came with Adobe and not Firefox.

Verification made, french 3.6.6 is only on line since yesterday, and wasn’t automatically proposed.

3.6.4 includes a new Adobe Flash “anticrash” feature, and automatically links Flash 10 if not installed, now, maybe the Mc Affee junk comes then with Flash, i don’t remember…but still Firefox fault in the first place.

And yes, i a well, alive, not living in New-York, and without Flash, Java, YouTube, Facebook, MSN, torrents, on line games or whatever similar…


not living in New-York

That was a good one.

Thanks for reply, brucine

I have to agree with SG65 : “not living in New-York” - was a good one! ;D

… and yes I think SG65 correctly reminded that the “Mc’A’thing” is coming with Adobe Flash add-ons installations


p.s. !ot! no Facebook, MSN, & games here as well,
but I’m using alternative Messengers (like aMSN or Pidgin) and sure having Java & uTorrent (downloading Ubuntu ISO image ~700MB takes ~5 min, for example,… etc.)

And probably without fun as well ;D

I don’t get the NY reference either.

That is True … no fun whatsoever especially wihout Java

What do U mean by that , Dch48 ???
On the contrary - few guys here (me included) got that remark & it was funny


Why “without fun”?

I used, some time ago, to write some collection of batch scripts to customize my computer, and i found a lot of pleasure in that.

I have maybe exhausted what i can do with that, and i spend these last weeks a lot of time playing 3 or 4 different (off line) bridge games, with a lot of fun.

And i don’t see anything funny or instructive in pictures, videos and “social” networks: for each one his own pleasure, right?

By the way, SilberLynx, what’s the point of “torrenting” whatever free linux distro? (or even windows: all of the xp variants are downloadable at a legit site on the behalf that they are a “security copy” for users having “lost their cd” or never having had one, without the key, of course).

You can always use Comodo Dragon :slight_smile:


There’s no ip redirection in that Adobe Flash Player story, Melih, and if there had been one, it would have been catched by Firefox even without NoScript.
It is “only” a checking routine included in the Firefox upgrade, not having Flash 10 seems enough to launch it, and the firefox installation does not go on if you don’t make the Flash upgrade.

There’s a real security issue with all these p2p, torrent, social networking… sites, but it is not the reason for me not to use them: i only don’t see the point of it.

I still don’t get what is meant by “not living in New York” so I don’t find it funny.

By no fun, I simply meant that millions of people get great enjoyment out of the things he said he doesn’t use. For many, those things are the only reason to even have a computer. I myself bought my first computers to use primarily as gaming platforms with no thought of social interaction but I grew to enjoy that part of the computer experience as well.

By no fun, I simply meant that millions of people get great enjoyment out of the things he said he doesn't use.

“he” has a name and said:

for each one his own pleasure

and it is maybe an efficient way to stay illiterate:

I still don't get what is meant by "not living in New York" so I don't find it funny.

Everybody knows about that…but you.

This really went off topic, so let me join the fray.
At Dch48: pleasure is what you feel pleased with, no matter what.
At brucine: if you google “I am well, live, and not living in New York” nothing of sense pops-up, so it’s not that obvious.

Geez way to be touchy. No offense was meant or even implied. Hence the smiley after the original comment. It was just a gibe, nothing more.

BTW–I still don’t find it funny, I’ve heard the phrase but as I said, don’t get why using NY makes it funny. Now Cleveland would be funny, nobody wants to be there.

Now Cleveland would be funny, nobody wants to be there.
I lived 2 years in a Cleveland suburb. At that time, i wa a french teenager, even my parents didn't ask me if i wanted to live there or not...
if you google "I am well, live, and not living in New York" nothing of sense pops-up, so it's not that obvious.
Reminds me, some years ago, of a schoolwork of one of my sons about D-Day. They were supposed to talk about Kieffer (Philippe, Frigate Captain, commanding officer of the french navy commando taking Ouistreham). Well, let's make a google search, right? It happened that, at that time, "Kieffer" was the name of some B-series self-proclaimed "musician", the kind you would have found on Facebook if if had existed, and it was utterly impossible to find anything about Philippe Kieffer. The only obvious thing is that google has always been non-sense, and that no one shall ever find anything if not (and still...) previously knowing what he is searching and using either the proper keywords, either something else. No one is supposed to need google to know where the expression comes from, but true enough, it was very difficult for me to fetch the link from google. This "funny" world you describe is not funny for me (but each one his tastes) as it makes of most of Internet this same non-sense, and a total vacuity of whatever knowledge and independance of thought.

True enough too Brel, altough Belgian, spent most of his life in France, and made the original statement (where the city is not New-York but Paris) in New-York.
There’s some self derision from me as a french guy to use this now universal sentence (you are right, if you google it, you shall find places in the middle of nowhere like Wisconsin, but not Cleveland, concluding that Cleveland is more nowhere then Wisconsin), but i don’t know if this situation made people find it “funny”: ask them.

As a subsidiary remark, i wouldn’t for anything want to live in New-York, Paris, or another so large city; maybe, i never went there, i would find life in Wisconsin very pleasant, i imagine it with more fish then people: “the sound of silence”, a marvelous idea…

Well I said Cleveland because of two things. The epitaph on W.C. Fields’ tombstone which reads “I’d rather be here than in Cleveland” and the joke about winning a contest where first prize is a one week all-expenses paid stay in Cleveland and the second prize is two weeks. ;D. Cleveland just has the reputation of being a dull city in most of the US.

Again no offense ever meant Brucine, just a good natured (in intent) gibe.

mcafee comes with adobe :smiley:

What I don’t like in this story is that the free Firefox is carrying on the paid McAfee (even though the McAfee Security Scan is on demand only and free, there is not a free version of McAfee resident). That marriage does not make me happy. I trust freewares and in the case of antivirus (free ones with an active community).