Latest Comodo Firewall is incompatible with K9 web protection

Dear Comodo Tech support

I am running Win XP pro (32 bit) SP2 with an Athlon xp2200+ processor. After uninstalling previous versions of CFP and CAV I installed the new CIS and upon reboot windows will not boot up if K9 is installed. It will stay in the windows boot screen with the blue bar moving across the bottom. The exact thing happened with the last firewall version but a work around was posted which fixed (worked around) the problem. Basically 2 registry tags could be changed to resolve the problem. I tried this with the new firewall and it did not work. I would like to stay with Comodo because it is a very good product but do not want to give up the web protection of K9.

I’ve tried to keep the previous version of Comodo firewall and just install the latest version of Comodo antivirus but the installation wizard does not allow this. I understand that version 2.0 beta will not be supported after Nov 20th so I would like to resolve this problem as soon as I can.

Your help is appreciated,
thanks, Computer fan

If CIS 3.5.54375.427 and bluecoats K-9 web protection (latest version) is installed, windows xp pro sp3 will hang at the windows booting screen (windows loading with the scrolling bars).
If either program is uninstalled, windows loads fine.

This issue is ongoing, and was reported almost 1 year ago, when a registry fix was given(unofficial?), that worked for CPF.

Hopefully this issue can be fixed as soon as possible.

as already mentioned in this thread:

Also posted here:

There was an update for CIS recently, was a fix for this included?

They didn’t say so but it may be fixed. Do you want to try and see? :wink:


I Saw, I Tried, It Rocks.

Downloaded and installed Version 4.0.284 of K9

Running Xp Pro SP3 and it goes without saying the latest Version of CIS.

Latest Firefox and some other stuff I expected trouble with. But No!

I don’t know who changed what or when, But I’d like to thank those
who reported the bug here, or who knows when I would have found
this gem. I finally have a decent free Content filter to recommend to those
who seek them.

Dam I thought I’d have to spend the evening in the registry or messing with services.

Nope, I just tried it, again, with xp pro sp3.

Same thing happens.

Although I used the same K9 version that I already have.

So if there has been an update, then it seems that bluecoat have fixed the bug, because I have the latest CIS with the same K9 I tried previously.

I’ll download the latest K9 and see if indeed they have fixed the issue.

Well I just downloaded the latest version of K9, and indeed as Bad Frogger mentioned, they now work together.

It seems Bluecoat managed to fix the boot problem with CIS in their latest version of K9, 4.0.284.
Good on them for working on an update that fixes the problem. (:CLP)