Latest Comodo Firewall Disables Wireless Connection [Resolved]

Hi All,

Just wondering if anybodies come across this problem with the latest Comodo Internet Security Suite. I’ve been using Version 3 without any problems, but since I upgraded to the Latest Version 3.5, I’ve noticed that the Wireless network shows limited or no connectivity, after un-installing the firewall and rebooting the wireless connection works fine. I’m running Win XP with SP3
Have been very happy with Comodo Firewall up until now, had to go back to using Zonealarm as a firewall. So what up with the latest version???

Thanks in Advance

Did you have any ‘‘new network zone found’’ messages after CFP to CIS upgrade?
Can you also clear some details about your network
Was CFP installed on a computer which is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, or was the CFP computer Wi-Fi router for other devices?
If there is any configuration saved (at least configuration that was before updating) could you send it to dchernyakov [at]

Thanks for the reply, actually found this link from the Internet which may resolve my problem.;msg187131

Will check it out tonight, hopefully it will.

Thanks to grue155 for this, worked for me :BNC

Here’s the problem. It seems that svchost.exe has been classifed in CFP as being a “web browser”. Svchost.exe is a great many things, but it isn’t a web browser. It needs to have it’s CFP rule setting changed to be"outgoing only"

To do that, go to the Application Rules tab, and then look down that list to find “C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe”.

Click on that line to edit. When the rule window opens, choose the button that says to “use a predefined policy”, and select “outgoing only” from the pulldown list. Then click Apply all the way out.

And then a reboot, and it should work. If it doesn’t, then post another Config Report Script report.

Well I really cannot recommend anyone to set this to “outgoing only”, given the variety of tasks this process is being used for… Already debated on another thread here anyway.

Hi doktornotor

Do you know of another way to resolve this if setting svghost.exe to outgoing isn’t the way to go. Can you send the link where this was discussed before.


I too have Scvhost.exe set to outgoing and would be interested in knowing why this isn’t safe. Thanks.