Latest Comodo CIS does not work on Lenovo X220T

Hi there,

I have a new Lenovo X220 Tablet pc. After having installed a new windows 7 x64 version, I downloaded and installed the latest Comodo Internet Security.

However, I recognized that it does not work as expected. Although I set the firewall to own rules, it lets all connections through without prompting me and asking if these unknown programs may connect to the internet.

I am also using CIS on my desktop and on my old Dell Notebook and never had this problem. So I am not really sure, if I can trust the software, esp. concerning the anti virus program - what if it does not work either?

Do you have any ideas how I can solve that problem… it drives me crazy.

The firewall by default is set to “Safe” mode. In that mode, it will allow and auto generate rules for all applications that is on it’s “white list” of safe applications.

If you want to be alerted to every new connection, you will have to set the firewall to “Custom Policy” mode. Also set “Alert Frequency Level” to Medium or High.

I am sure this will give you plenty of alerts to answer. ;D

Thank you for your answer, but that is what I have already done. Sorry, but I have been using Comodo firewall for years, so I know, more or less, how to handle it. That’s also what I meant by saying “own rules” - that’s how I translated it (I use a German version) and did not know what the correct term in English is.

No, the problem must be something else. I guess it must be something like these postings:

In fact, I do not receive any error messages, the firewall just does not work.

Edit: Just some more information. I uninstalled the fingerprint reader software - no success. I applied all available updates - no success. The firewall never alerts me and every program gets internet access. However, Defense+ works.

Depending on what configuration you have there maybe a All Application rule, please check your Network Security Policy for one and remove it.


thats what i say, people expect a firewall to block/manage outgoing traffic. i dont understand what benefit the possible default “allow all outgoing”-rule should bring, next to giving these confusions.
even if people are happy to get no questions, they somehow expect the firewall to care about outgoing traffic. and if its only by using the vendors list.

Frankly spoken, that was the first thing I checked. I installed cis on a clean windows 7 installation,
So where is such a rule supposed to come from?
And as I said before, on my other pcs everything works as expected.
So, it must be a conflict between the lenovo x220 t, its drivers.and cis.

Just to be sure we are on the same page before we investigate further. Can you tell us what configuration you are using and show us a screenshot of the Application Rules?