Latest CIS

I have vidcoder & subtitle edit, both portable programs on c drive. They were there before CIS install.
Now I ran both, didn’t got any alert but both are in unrecognized list, does this means they are sandboxed?

Not necessarily, CIS 8 comes with a new policy based auto-sandbox, so a program won’t be sandboxed simply because it’s unknown, unknown files already present at installation may be allowed to run but unknown files downloaded from the internet will be sandboxed, also unknown files on removable media are also sandboxed.
This policy based system blocks unknown files introduced to the system in various ways while still allowing some that for example were already present in order to boost usability while allegedly still keeping the system safe.

You can of course change that behavior by editing the auto-sandbox rules to for example sandbox all unknown applications.

OK, got it.
Thanxx for the info