Latest CIS

I am planning to install CIS minus AV i.e without AV.

Cloud AV in CIS is enough for me.

Does CIS have some cleaning/disinfection function?
If yes, does it requires AV to be locally installed or Cloud AV function in CIS can also clean/disinfect.

If you extract CIS installer which is app above 200MB, you can see that actual CIS installer is around app 50MB.
Can anyone plzz upload the 50MB installer & give the link?

I am not going to install AV so guess CFW installer would be good, right?
So plzz give CFW installer.

My system is Win 7 64 Bits.

The CloudAV can clean infections without installing the AV portion of CIS, although I’m not sure how effectively, worst case scenario you always have CCE. I would suggest keeping the Auto-Sandbox rule that blocks malicious files, the CloudAV doesn’t block detected files by itself!

I haven’t been able to find the clean ~50MB CFW installer, when extracting it from the ~200MB CFW installer you end up with ~150MB CIS installer… Guessing that the normal full installer has a finger in what is actually installed. I don’t know if there’s an argument/parameter you can give the installer to only install CFW, what you could do is install the ~150MB CIS installer and then use “Uninstall a program” from Control Panel to change CIS to CFW.

Also, is it just me or has the “clean” installers gone up in size? Seems they are ~150MB now…

I’m uploading the CIS 64bit / 32bit installers to Mega and they should be available soon. Again, don’t know how to get the CFW installers… (Edit: Please note that the uploads seems to take longer than expected and keeps failing, upload may take longer than expected) (Edit: Seems it doesn’t want to finish the upload… weird…)

When I use to extract CIS installer then there use to be many files/folders.

I dont remember now but guess it should be in the last 3 folders i.e check the last 3 folders, the name of the folder was also something different & think that the installer was msi installer.

Dont upload the 150MB installer.
If its 150MB then think I will download the 200MB installer from the website.

64bit is ~158MB and 32bit is ~128MB… I would recommend downloading the 219MB installer, that way you can install CFW straight away instead of installing CIS and changing it into CFW.

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Do you mean quarantine is fine with Cloud AV but clean/disinfect may not be effective?

I am going to set the config to Internet Security & all the settings default. I like it this way.
But what do you mean by “the CloudAV doesn’t block detected files by itself”?
Cloud AV will quarantine the detected threats, right? Do you mean Cloud AV & that Autosandbox rules are depeendent of each other?

It looks right.
How come from 50MB to 150MB?
What has changed in the installer?
■■■■, Comodo is going bloated/huge in every thing.

If I download CIS installer & install only FW, will it install any AV related stuffs too?
So better download CFW installer?

Clean/Quarantine seems to work fine but I’m not sure if it’s as effective as with the AV engine, I don’t know, I’m not saying it’s worse, I’m simply saying I’m not sure if the AV engine in CIS has any more features in regards to cleaning but I would assume that the CloudAV is as competent in the cleaning department, but I don’t know.

Imagine you ONLY had the CloudAV (No hips, no BB, no auto-sandbox, only CloudAV) then you run the file, the file would be detected but it would be allowed to run.

CloudAV will quarantine/clean detected threats. CloudAV is somewhat dependent on Auto-Sandbox rules to block malicious files, otherwise the files will run even though they are detected. Simply keep the Sandbox enabled and keep the rule that says to Block Malicious files (See screenshot)

Not sure why, it seems that the binaries have grown by at least 50MB and then some other things that I can’t remember now had been added to the installers, translations(?) themes(?) can’t remember…

Download the CIS installer from the start of this thread and un-checking the AV will leave you with the same end result as downloading the CFW installer, the different installers are simply different presets of what will be installed.

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Thanxx for the info.

Downloading the installer now.

As I mentioned in the previous post that I am going to install CIS without AV & set the config to Internet Security.
What do you think of this?
I mean CIS without AV set to Internet Security config.
Do you think this will reduce the protection a little? I mean Internet Security config is for complete suite i.e AV installed.

I’d just like to mention that CIS without AV is quite literally CFW.

Using CFW with Internet Security config may work fine, but I can’t really remember what is in Internet Security, have used Proactive Config with heavy modification pretty much since I started using CIS, so can’t remember what’s in the defaults. I would recommend going through the advanced settings yourself and see if there’s anything you’d want to tweak to improve the settings.

One thing I’d do is remove the global “Allow all outgoing traffic” firewall rule, and personally I would bump up the Firewall alert frequency, but that’s up to you and what you want out of CFW.

I installed CIS without AV.

Why check for databases updates every 6 hours is still there?
There are 4 processes, is cavwp.exe related to AV?

I have not restart the system as testing under shadow defender.

Database update is probably for webfilter etc.

I believe cavwp.exe is for hips/sandbox etc? Not sure.

cavwp.exe for realtime scanning and program/file monitoring even with Firewall only installations.

I checked the settings under internet security & proactive config.
What I could gather is
Under proactive config
HIPS is enabled.
Autosandbox has only 3 rules, Internet Security has 5 rules
Viruscope is enabled for everything, under IS config, its enabled for only sandboxed programs.
FW global rules are different.
This I could gather in a quick look.

Will Cloud AV detect PUP?
As, though PUP is enabled by default in GUI when AV is installed but PUP is an option in the GUI. And no AV installed, PUP option will not be there in the GUI.
So will Cloud AV detect PUP?

PUP option is in the file rating settings, if enabled then CloudAV will detect PUPs.

(Going to bed, will respond to further questions tomorrow)

Thanxx for the support & time.

Good Night


Should I disable UAC?
Does disabling UAC disables any other windows stuffs too?

If an installer is whitelisted by Comodo but that installer has other program too that is unknown to Comodo, will the unknown program gets Unlimited Rights Alert or it will install without any alert from Comodo as the main installer was whitelisted?

I would recommend keeping UAC enabled.

Do you mean if the installer runs the unknown file directly? I assume you mean with the sandbox? I don’t really know, first it depends on if the unknown application requests unlimited rights and secondly on the auto-sandbox rules which I haven’t grasped 100% yet, then I don’t know if “installer/updated” is a thing for the sandbox…

I meant suppose I am trying to install a program thats known to comodo but the installer of the program contains another unknown program to comodo
Now when I run the installer I will not get any alert from comodo as the installer is known to comodo but as the program has another program installer unknown to comodo so during the install of the known program, this unknown program will also try to install, so in this scenario what happens–
Does known programs gets install & unknown program generates comodo alert?
or both known & unknown program gets install without any alert as the main installer was known to comodo?

I can only speculate for this, the unknown program would have to actually launch, and when the known installer starts the unknown installer, the unknown installer should(?) be Sandboxed, but I can’t say for sure.