Latest CIS won't install on fresh Windows 7 x64 Professional

Hello there! As in subject. Excuse my bad english, please.

Fresh installation of Win 7 x64 Pro. Not yet activated (of course without any kind of trojaned LoAdErS).
Network cable detached from network adapter. IPv6 disabled. Services untouched. Registry untouched.

Installing latest CIS. Without antivirus (using Avast! 4 (not yet installed)). Firewall with maximum Defence+ protection. Using Comodo DNS addresses.

Installation started, firewall driver installed (with request about am i sure to install driver, yes i am),
everything look’s fine. At the final stage of installation, after request about run license activation online, popup shown with something like “Unable to remove shortcuts, please kindly remove it manually”. I can’t attach screenshot, because i won’t try to install it anymore for now.
Using Outpost, but it work slow, with some kind of lags… >:(

So, the firewall does not installed, firewall kernel driver installed and running (shown in “hidden devices” in “device manager”). Look’s like CIS installed, then uninstalled itself, but in incorrect way and won’t run after reboot.

Something strange in few words.

I’ll try to install it one more time soon and, if it going the same way again, for sure i will capture the screenshot and will post it here.

Maybe someone know something about this kind of issues?

Thanks in advance and sorry for bad english again
(i hope it is possible to understand what did i wrote down here).

Please post a screenshot next time you run into it. Are there other clues visible in the installation process? Are you running as admin or limited user?

Thanks for your reply.

It is strange, but this time everything went smooth and CIS insalled correctly and running well.
Not really sure, why previous install was unsuccessful. Maybe latest MS updates fixed the problem?
And i forgot to mention one thing… WWDC was used before install and Windows “bad” ports was closed.
Anyway, now everything fine, many thanks. You, guys at Comodo, ROCKS!