Latest CIS and Comodo Firewall blocks USB to IrDA adapter


The latest Comodo Internet Security software disables USB to IrDA adapter. Same issues can be seen if I install the latest Comodo Firewall. Both CIS and Comodo Firewall were fresh installs with default settings. My system is Windows XP SP3.

-From the Device Manager I can see that Windows recognizes the USB adapter when I connect the adapter to USB port
-Polar heart rate monitor cannot establish connection to the USB adapter
-Safely Remove USB tool hangs when I try to remove the USB adapter. This prevents Windows to shut down properly and I have to force the shut down by pressing the power button
-I’m not able to find any hint of blocked or sandboxed application/driver from the Comodo logs
-Verified with two USB to IrDA adapters from different vendors
-Both adapters start to work after I uninstall Comodo SW


This sounds like it could be a bug. Does Polar heart rate monitor run in the sandbox or does it run as Trusted? Could you please check with Killswitch?

Do the Windows logs bring any extra insight to the table? They can be found in Control Panel → Administrative Tools → Event Viewer → Windows Logs → System.


Unfortunately I already unistalled Comodo and switched to another product.

I think the problem is that USB adapter is blocked for some reason not the actual SW using the adapter. There seems to be many bug reports USB devices not working after Comodo CIS or Firewall is installed. For example

I checked Comodo logs and tested the Killswitch program to see if there was blocked or sandboxed application but I didn’t find any. Polar ProTrainer SW starts normally but cannot connect with Polar heart rate monitor via USB adapter.