latest chromodo update is incompatible with netflix and viaplay

The latest update to chromodo ( Version ) has an incompability issue with both netflix and viaplay.

Netflix gives the specific error code: M7355-1203 “we have problems with playing netflix in your browser, makesure that you are using an official version of Chrome”.
Viaplay just hangs in an endless loop while trying to load the content.

I really need to ask, everyone lately is saying “Chromodo” is experiencing issues playing videos online from one source or another.
I doubt this is actually true.
If you are using Dragon, please state, “Dragon”, not “Chromodo”.

I am using Chromodo (Version, and experiencing no such issues with video playback.

Netflix requires either Silverlight or html5, Silverlight is an npapi plugin and hence no longer work by default, html5 playback requires proprietary codecs that Comodo’s browsers don’t support probably due to licensing costs.

Don’t know about viaplay.

You can enable NPAPI but support for it may well be removed in September 2015

Enter chrome://flags into the address bar
Look for NPAPI and click Enable
Restart Browser and SilverLight will work again

I have the same problem, even with the Enable NPAPI flag on.

Can someone help me? I have no idea why it’s not working, even with NPAPI enabled.

Can you see if you have Silverlight installed by accessing with one or more browsers?