Latest CD Version Bug in e107 CMS

Just changed over to CD and it is great! Except for a repeating issue I am having on my e107 CMS websites. On the downloads page, there is a category image (an arrow) on the left that is showing up as a really small image ( is for sale | HugeDomains and is for sale | HugeDomains in the Get column ) and the same on my links page which are 88 x 31 images ( is for sale | HugeDomains ). All the images are getting extremely reduced for some reason and this problem does not occur in any other browser I have used.


The problem occurs in all Chromium based browsers we’ve tested with. There might be something wrong with the code used in the webpage.


So why does it occur in Chromium based browsers and not any others? That would tell me it is a CD issue and not coding. :wink:

Chromium uses Webkit for rendering pages. Webkit is very web-standard compliant, so usually if the developer spotted a problem with how his page looks in Chrome or Safari that means he wrote some non-standard code.

On your website the first column seems to be wider in Chromium than in Firefox, and this leaves less space for the image in the last column to expand (column width is allocated dinamically in this case). I understand this could be solved by specifically allocating space for the image or with some CSS code. Using an updated version of the tool you used might also help solve the problem.


Lot’s of websites are not written with flawless html and javascript code for starters. That makes that browsers will have to guess what the writer meant giving different outcomes.

On top of that HTML4 was not clearly defined and had multiple interpretations about how to use it among browsers. HTML 5 as it is currently being developed is much stricter defined.

Welcome to the reality of the web… :wink:

Edit: I also noticed that when squashing the width of the browser, or using a smaller screen (1024 width f.e.) the texts in the black ribbon on top of the page start to overlaye one another.