Latest Anti-Malware Comparison Results

Here is the results of the latest round of AV tests covering detection rate of a wide range of malware/spyware:

I’m suspicious again, but … whatever. I’m glad that G-Data no longer uses Kaspersky engine :slight_smile:

Yeah I always usually say how these tests are only an indication,not the ‘be all and end all’…etc.But it’s very noticeable that certain products consistently come around the top in these tests.

Like Norton. (Yeah they changed there update system, which is nice, but fake really :)) But no way K7 can have 92 % of detection rate. 60 % is more likely. :slight_smile:

It depends on the neutrality of those doing the testing at the end of the day.There have been rumours of certain testers having a financial interest to tweak the results that’s why it’s best to compare results from a number of test sources.

The best way to do it is to test yourself. :slight_smile: Only problem is - where to get new malware. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are a few sources to download active malware which I’d best not post here,but they’re discussed on Wilder’s forums.

I have malware haha

Want some?

umm Empreror sir has some… oh wait that’s just how he betrayed Roman People… INFECT HIM jk jk lol

  1. I want it, and you know were to post it CGP ;D


lol I do?

I’ll post later on today… i promise… or my name isn’t Suesie…
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wow that are some numbers ;D AVK became even better, 99,8 on both that Super (:KWL)
Avira hase some nice numbers to again, and im happy that norton became better ;D nod32 didin’t did all that good…

I downloaded a program by Malware-Bytes called Rogue Remover they have a Pro version you can download as a trial, when I began the download Avira threw open a window and it read that unknown spyware was attempting to gain access, a mistake possibly false positive? I’ve appreciate their software, always on guard. I’m still waiting for an email on the new Comodo Anti-Virus, has anyone heard when we may see it? :THNK

… maybe the the release of comodo internet security is next year 2009 (:TNG)

Rogue Remover is perfectly safe and it’ll be a false positive.As to CAV I think I read that it might be here sometime this month. :■■■■

I just don’t get one thing. As we can see from test results, most of the antiviruses can deal with threats quite well (detect them). So why such racket about antivirus companys not being able to cope with all this ???

And why there are such differences between tests ? Some tests show that AV’s miss “80%” of viruses, while others show that they miss from 0.2 - 10 % (most of them) 88) Ofcourse missing 1 % of malware out of 1.2 million is a big number and missing 10 % means 120000 malware samples slips through :-\


Hi Commodus

I think you need to first understand what is a “Test”. You will see that these “tests” are done on a malware library that the tester has and in no way can be taken as a good indicator of the total malware out there cos I don’t think there is anyone or any company who has access to all the malware. Also, an interesting test in my mind would be how long does it take for malware to be added to detection from first infection. This way we can see the “Response time” of the AV industry and what can malware authors achieve during this “Response time”. Go to Virustotal and see the %age of the new malware being caught and get shocked!!


Not one for having a go at other products,but i was surprised at how poor Risings` scores where!

Well, thats another possible indication (i am not saying it is… just saying its possible…) that Rising is a chinese vendor who concentrates on chinese market with chinese born malware. And the tester might not have the malware library from china in a way that rising has.

Imagine a zoo where there is X many kinds of animals. And then the wildlife where there will be X+Y kinds of animals. The tester is the Zoo. And the real malware threats are the wildlife. Tester only recognise the animals it has in its own zoo. It simply is not aware of other animals in the wildlife!


Hi Melih, an afterthought on your reply to Matty, be interesting on a global point of view to see where most malware originates from eg: strongest concentrations, maybe China (Asia as a whole) may be a hotbed for newly created malware. Be interesting to see link showing a global map with this info constantly updated. :-TU

Xman :■■■■

I can see what your getting at but surely this is the World Wide Web and a malware threat is a malware threat no matter if it comes from Guatemala or Timbucktoo.Due to the very nature of the beast it doesn`t take long for something created on one side of the world to reach the other.
I like the idea of being able to find out where the new malware is being created but how can we possibly know for sure?It may be created by some wizz-kid in New Zealand(as recently) but the damage was done when it proliferated itself worlwide!
At the end of the day no one source is going to reveal the overall picture,i suppose it boils down to that age old adage of who/what can you trust where the internet/modern technology is involved.

Matty :■■■■