Latest AV signatures update 23734 on 12/07/15?

Can somebody please post the number of the most recent virus signatures DB update. Has anyone else received b0023734.cav? My CIS displays this as the most recent update as of 12/07/15. I copied this to flash drive for use on a machine that cannot update and CCE won’t recognize it as a valid CAV file. Problem with the file or the drive? I’ve checked the link to the COMODO site that is posted all over and it says it was updated last in August of this year with 23001.

Ok so just a second ago I rechecked my CIS and it is now 23732 (rolled back 2 versions eh?) rechecked my flash drive and it says 23734 (didnt alter any file names) what gives? Has my malware been learning to defend itself is it AI? (jk) Seriously ANY feed back I did find it odd the number jumped up by about 20 in one day as i think the version I had the day before was somewhere around 23702.

If I were to rename the current b00xxxxx.cav in the scanners folder and check again for up dates would it re-update CIS with current AVDB? Or mess it all up?


At this time I have 23732.

confirmed, 23732

If you check your logs /tasks you can see what happen.