Latest Antivirus Database Version 4980 since 1. June. No updates?

the latest Antivirus Database Version 4980 since 1. June.
Why are there no updates?
Thanks for answering and helping me.


They are currently doing server upgrades at the moment (If I heard correctly) New hardware.
Updates are expected in a few hours.

Pls note that I am not a affiliated with comodo… etc etc. I’m just a user like you. So don’t take my word ;D

Looks like it may take a little longer than that.

See here:;msg401539#msg401539

how do you know all that then? :slight_smile:

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Really funny and nice!

Now 4981, 4-Jun-2010 04:32:50. Still hot… :wink:

Don’t forget that cup of coffee you owe me Melih, I want it in my office by 9am sharp ;D
I read the forums quite a bit and stumbled on that reply made by Comodo staff… forget where and who said it though lol.