lately comodo CIS slow my computer cmdegent.exe


lately i recognize slow activity in my windows 7 ultimate sp1 32bit without any spaciel resone…
the slow activity noticeable especially when i try to launch something…like:
*open a folder or menu
*open browser (of any kind)
*launch favorits in browser
*enter Windows settings
*navigate in sub folders
*downloding file with browser

i get the spinning icon of the mouse pointer and the HD led is blinking.

my computer is totaly clean and secured from any virus or maleware, i didnt made any special operation that may effect cause this problem. i must say that when launch eventually to the folder or browser then everything moving fast and smooth. the problem is only with the time that take to launch. i did the next operations to resolved the problem:
*made a registry cleaning and regisrty defragment
*made a defragment
*scaned to viruses and malewares
*cleaned for temp files to browsers and system
*made a error check to the HD
*disable and anable the virtual memory file and set its to 3500 mb
*cheked for any suspicious activity in the task manager. all the proceses are known and safed.
*even checked with HiJackThis.
*my windows is updated.
*OS partition with 35gb free space
*cooling: 39 celsius cpu

i did a deep look on the Task Manager and see that the process cmdagent.exe is using the cpu in every time the computer acting slowly. and even when the cpu usage stops, the HD led is still blinking and i need to wait until it stop. what the CIS scanning over and over again? its the antivirus? the sandbox? defense+security?
im guesing the blame is on the last update that CIS got out. how i can cancel it? before i have a nice fast computer.

cpu: q6600
memory: 2 gb ddr2
videocard: 8600gt 512mb
antivirus and firewall: Comodo internet security premium

thank you

Do you have a long list of Unrecognised Files? If so remove the ones that don’t need to be there. See if that helps.

sorry for the late about my answer. i needed to check this for a while.

even though i didnt have any high cpu usage the recommendation in the artical solve my problems.
(include your recommendation)

thank you!!!

I am sorry but this has been trotted out for me, as well as many others. I TRIED this and it has made little if any difference. CIS is hogging stuff on a couple of PCs with varying OS’s (XP and Win 7)

Something is WRONG. I am currently running anothe suite, and it’s just WAY faster, in all respects. Maybe its protection is less or W.H.Y, but in the end if the excuses keep rolling then I will go for day to day …just having things work faster.

When a security system starts acting worse than the problem it’s trying to solve, it’s failing.

Thank you for reporting back. A thing that sometimes could cause this are left over drivers or services of previously installed security programs. We advice to run cleanup tools for those programs. A list of those can be found here: ESET Knowledgebase .

May be we see you back one day when you want to give CIS another try. The high cpu usage may be caused by the av part. Part of Comodo users use the firewall and use a third party av. That may be an idea for you.