last ver. lot of problems

networking problems, earlier ver. was beter

Can you elaborate. What kind of problems? What prior versions?

can not use Safenet IpSec, firewall blocks communication, ver. before latest update works

Could you expand on these facts please?


Safenet Client on my pc establish communication with IpSec server on the remote router, but I can not pass through tunnel with RDC (remote desktop connection), it is blocked.

I uninstalled CFP and I still have problems, something is VERY wrong with latest ver.

Simply install the previous version. You can find it here.

I see Vettetech has recommended that you reinstall the previous version of comodo, did that fix the problem?

Because, if not, you more or less have proof positive that Comodo is not blocking it if you uninstalled comodo.

Which is not to say the latest version of comodo might have caused a change elsewhere, but that change may be in the safenet software or your computer registry. Or almost anywhere.

I do not want to make light of your problem, its clear that its a serious problem for you. But when I have found myself in similar problems, the solution often lies in patient troubleshooting. Put every possibility on the table and then put them to the test.

Step one recommendation, use restore my computer to an earlier time if possible. Then try clean the registry, followed by delete safenet followed by clean the registry. Check the microsoft and safenet sites to see if anyone else has had this problem. It can be frustrating, but still not as frustrating as blame everyone while you do nothing.

Since I have little experience with safenet or VPN’s, my advice may not be worth much, but this comodo forum is worth a lot, and its been my experience if you work with comodo, there are no end of suggestions that may isolate the particular problem you have.

Well said Osage. Its easier to give up then fix the problem. I spent over 6 hours one day fixing my pc from doing a constant loop reboot. I could have easily done a reformat but I refuse to. Problem was finally fixed after 6 hours but I am proud of my self for fixing it. It ended up being that my SoundBlaster drivers were corrupt. I myself did not know alot about Comodo but I read the help files and taught myself how to use it. Asked some questions in here and now almost a year later I like helping people like some did for me.

I keep an aluminum baseball bat within “sight” of each of my PCs.

My problems – and the time spent troubleshooting them – have dropped dramatically since then. (:WIN)

after several reinstalations of Safenet and CFP I found that possible problem is two network adapters on my notebook, wired and wireless, at this moment everithing works fine on wired adapter, but I am affraid that if I activate wireless the problem will arrise again.