Last Update time

At the moment, when you manually update the AV database, the Last Update time changes, even if there was no available update. I think this should be changed so that it only updates the last update time when an update is actually available.

It’s a pretty small thing tbh, but it surely couldn’t too take long to fix :wink:


I like it the way it is. It shows when the last check for updates was done and lets you know that it’s working.

I think the wording should change if it checked but there is no update. Something like, Last Update Check, -whenever- No Updated Definitions. Or something…

:-TU :slight_smile:

There are many discussions on this already. Nothing has been changed by the developers, so we’re guessing it was meant to be this way. Personally, I like it the current way but I guess implementing the above suggestion wouldn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

I agree with the OP as the last update is, well the last time it has been updated, now why should the value change when CIS have not been updated? If they wanna make the GUI messy then they could have a when last checked for update and a last updated tab. The current system is trying to do both but it’s a bit like a jack of all trades master of none.