Last update = Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF)

After the last update it quit remembering what I told it, and then starting blockng things it shouldn’t. I have now switched back to Win XP firewall.

I had an avast update a few days ago that changed ashDisp.exe & avast.setup. This caused a pop-up like yours. But, it was a valid change notification, since the apps in question had indeed did what CPF had reported. But, I didn’t get that many pop-ups… mainly because I’m now running CPF at the low notification (I’m copying one of the coders. Well… honestly, if he runs at the level & he wrote it… well, who am I to argue?;D).

An in your case the avast update only failed because you didn’t hit the allow button on the CPF pop-up before it timed-out.

Sorry if this has nothing to do with what you saw. Obviously, I realise that the avast example may have been one amongst many events. But, you didn’t really indicate if this was the case or not.

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Back off sultan, This isn’t the G4 forums. We don’t talk to each other with that kind of disrespect. kail didn’t say anything to deserve that kind of treatment.

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We’re sorry to hear you’re having problems with CPF.

We’re equally sorry that you treat the members of this forum is such a denigrating, insulting and derisive manner. All he was trying to do was offer an explanation as to why it may have done this.

You obviously don’t need our help, but you do need help.

Ewen :slight_smile:

couldn’t agree more Ewen.

Hello Sultan,

Please do not flame people these forums are meant to be helpful and user friendly without flames or insults to other forum members. As for you switching back to the XP firewall, I don’t think that is the best move you can do concerning your PC protection, XP firewall is not secure at all it will not stop hackers from getting into your system, it only will help with inbound protection (which it doesn’t even do a good job of that) If you are absolutely not going to try and work with Comodo then the only other firewall that even measures up to Comodo’s strength would be Jetico.


I think that he probably likes Kerio.

Kerio is a good firewall, however it is not a full featured free firewall, neither is Ashampoo for they are coming out with a Pro version ;).

Comodo is full full, without “proron” restrictions.

Hi. I just updated my Mozilla Thunderbird from to Everytime I start TB, Comodo pops up tons of the security boxes even when I tell it to “remember my answer”.
Please help cause it’s very anoying when it doesn’t remember anymore.


No idea what could be causing that… visually inspect all your settings, rules, logs & windows logs for clues. Have you tried a reboot? Do you have any net-based extensions/add-ons for TB?


I would kindly ask you to delete that offensive word from your post and invite you to be a gentelmen and apologise to Kail.

I sincerely hope you are a gentlemen and can be part of our community.



I’ve just updated Firefox & I’m getting lots of pop-ups as well. They look the same… But, if you look carefully they are subtlety different. Since I have the “Monitor COM/OLE automation attempts” & "Monitor DLL Injections " options on, CPF is, correctly, reporting each component that interacts in an COM/OLE-DLL-Injecting way with explorer… the parent of whatever (Firefox in my case, TB in yours) because whatever has changed. I just updated it. I wonder if perhaps, you’re seeing the same thing… HTML export your log & have a look at it (it’s much easier to read in that format). Are all the pop-ups (and their associated log file entries) actually the same?

PS Admin/Mods: I request permission to pollute this topic. ;D

Sultan, i realize that you may have significiantly higher experiance or knowledge (Maybe more then me (:TNG)) but their are ALWAYS going to be people who know more and less. People that are trying to help and know less are not “Morons”, he did not suggest the user to do anything that would damage the user’s computer, so their was no harm in his explanation.

cheers, rotty

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