Last time I installed CFW v3

I think it was November when I updated to v3 and it played havoc with my pc so I reverted to v2. I contacted people on the forum for advice and they suggested I should try v3 again in mid January, so thats what im doing now, I just want some honest feedback.

Have they resolved the problems with v3?

Is it safe to install on my machine or should I stick with v2?

Please advise because I want to stay loyal to comodo I like what they stand for…

Have the latest version on Vista. No problems at all ! :BNC (B)

I am using xp svc pck 2 and last time I had v3 on my machine I went to write some data files with Nero micro and it wouldnt launch and thats what triggered v3 to eat up my cpu at 100% and I had to reboot to normalize my pc so Im hoping this has been fixed.

Try it ! U won’t loose anything (:TNG)

OK Whats the number of the latest version, the one just released in January?

Latest version is