Last support for older processors in XP machines

I need to continue to use XP for a while longer.

Found out with Dragon the newer Comodo upgrades will not work, and with CIS it was a mess.

What were the last versions of CIS / Comodo Firewall , Dragon and Chromodo to support the older processors and which will give me the best security under the circumstances ??

Final question in the CIS gui (Stealth Ports) I would think all ports would be stealthed, so is there an easy way to tell / see all the ports are stealthed.
Or should I run stealthed ports every time I run a new program.

Thank you again,

Had hoped I would have received recommendations by now !

Of the Comodo browsers, which is the best to be used on an XP computer with the older processors that are no longer supported ?

Where Can I download it ?

Or do you recommend another browser and what version ?

Which version of the Comodo Firewall do you recommend and why ?

Thank you again
UncleDoug allows download of old versions of software including CIS and Dragon. Viewing their descriptions should tell you if XP is supported. Just pick the latest version that supports XP.

The processor you have is irrelevant. If you can run XP on it you should be able to install any S/W that supports XP (assuming you have enough memory and disk space).

Using the intenet from an XP system is risky irrespective of what browser and firewall you have installed!!!

Hi Guys,
A system with a CPU that has SSE2 support was not required for CIS version 7 as far as I know.
Edit: Reading through this topic, it appears SSE2 support was not required until CIS version 8.2.

Chromium based browsers from version 35 and on require SSE2 support.

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