Last scan date?

I can’t seem to find the date of the last scan done with CIS. I looked under Antivirus logs, but didn’t see it there. Is there somewhere in GUI that shows the date of the last scan done by CAV? Thanks.

Sorry duke, There isn’t. Hopefully they add a log-file type feature in the future to log scans, etc.


Well then I’m not blind at least. LOL. I agree it would indeed be nice to have something in the AV logs that indicates a scan date and time and even better to have it in the AV Summary area. Thanks for the info 3 xist.

Hi. I know this is an ancient question, but this was the 1st thread that popped up from google so I thought I’d add what I discovered, since Comodo doesn’t seem to make it easy to find.

If you click on “View Antivirus Events” and THEN click on “More…” and then click on “tasks launched” you can see when the last scan took place.

As you have mention this is a ancient question, I believe you will understand why I have locked it.

Topic Locked.

Thank you