last KAV 2009 and COMODO

finally here it is, u can install KAV with comodo installed on your system.
i was on avira but last night avira didnt detect a trojan as kaspersky online detected it,
so i give it another try, cause i dont like when AV fail with detection.
Defense+ saved me again, when the file asked the system to get all privileges, I blocked the file with the great Defense+,
i understand it’s not easy to answer all questions for some normal user that just knows how to use IE and windows mail and messenger, when u set to paranoid and launch the file, there are a lot of alerts, all the dll the file is loading,
when i saw all the dlls it loaded, i thought it was no good, then high privileges acces, NOWAY, u sure it’s a malicious code cause this type of file doesnt need in anyway to ask for that, what it does is generating keys, so the choice was easy, i set the file to isolated in D+ but why there’s no button to totally kill the activities?
is it safe to put a file into isolated mode?

i have to send the file to comodo, i use the comodo submit files, it’s ok by this way to send packed trojan, it’s certainly a known one but was packed so avira failed to detect it as KAV succeeded, that’s good new cause i was about to get some new AV as i still have my KAV license…

allready available with comodo, under analyse…that means the comodo AV doesnt detect it for the moment ?

Please submit the File then comodo will detect it :wink:

I too wish there was a way to “Terminate - Teminate and Quarintine” This can be dangerous though if an user uses this against a safe application such as Explorer.exe, Maybe as comodo builds it whitelist it may be a safe option to add :wink: