Last 2 updates messed up

Latest update will no longer allow pages to load properly.
You installed software WITHOUT APPROVAL on to my computer.
Page magnification is no longer remembered, resulting in having to change mag EVERY time a site is visited.


Hi usmc5810,

Can you provide more details on what pages don’t load properly and what software has been installed without approval?

Thank you very much,

The Comodo Browsers team

No problem with CID. You can choose whether the update should be automatic, manual or blocked. Look under “Settings”, “General” of cid - as it is with firefox.
I had some problems with CD shortly but now it works as usual, again. I changed in cis some settings or looked in General Tasks/Unblock Aplications a.s.o. It’s not ALWAYS a problem of comodo. There’s a lot of things you can set up or you have to do - is more complicated, but effectful. You can’t just move a slider like in some other programs.

Breitbart News

You should give an answer to:

Sorry, I don’t know what this means:

You asked what software, your Comodo Internet Security software.
You asked what pages, Breitbart News.

What a misunderstanding. I was standing on the hose. Thought it was an answer to my posting.
Because of I didn’t know what you mean with B.N. I looked for Breitbart News and ublock origin blocked this site with the following message:

found in: Malware domains

Do you have gotton any blocker as adblock, ghostery a.s.o.? Or the page isn’t a page to trust.

It seems the site is not very serious according to what you can read on really serious sites. They now also want to come to Europe/Germany and are critically viewed or observed.

Maybe that’s the reason for your problems.

No ad blocker messages. The site is good and the news is much more honest than any mainstream media. The site loads, just in line format with no images. UBlock has never blocked it before the update and is probably not the issue now as it still loads sort of.

With CID (64 bit) cookies not accepted, both umatrix and ublock origin deactivated I can open with lines and pictures and can open sites when I click on a picture.
There must be a script error (blocking or not loading as I can estimate it). Perhaps in config deactivated: “about:config” in the address bar (ok) then looking for “java” and control if there “javascript.enabled” (at the very top of the page opened) is set “true”. If yes, then someone else has to help with more knowledge. Sorry!

I searched with google with these words:
WebPage does not show images only text without formating cause? or webpage+no+image+cause
Perhaps you can find a solution for your problem?

There is an offer to install the Antivirus that pops after a few minutes. Are you sure you haven’t clicked “OK” on that?