Lass post from IP was less than 1 sec ago

I dont know what, but sometimes I just login to the forum.
And when I want to reply a post, sometimes I get this message:
“The last posting from your IP was less than 1 seconds ago. Please try again later”.

How come?
If its my first reply/post, how could it be that was “1 second ago”?
Besides, from post to post, there is more time consumed since I dont type a message in less than a second.

Whats going on?

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Hi w-e-v,
This appears to be a Forum software bug that shows every so often.
It usually cures itself after waiting a while.

Thanks for your answer.

How long?

Is no there permanent fix?

Hi w-e-v,
I am not sure of the reasons and it doesn’t appear to happen to everyone.
The time it takes varies, I would suggest maybe logging out and back in to see if that helps.
I do not know of any permanent fixes, sorry.

Thanks captainsticks.
Logging out and back in doesnt help.

Apparently is a problem with ‘cookies’ because when I delete them it seems to work.
I just tried it one, so that’s what I say that it “seems” to work deleting the cookies.

Thanks w-e-v,
At least it you have narrowed it down to cookies. :slight_smile:
Being a random/intermittent issue does make it harder to work out why this happens.
Does this appear to be browser specific or does it happen with any browser?
Do you have any 3rd party extensions that could possible alter the way cookies behave?

It happens with any browser.
But even if it comes down to cookies, I dont know how to reproduce the problem to point the source.