LA's top 5 programs

Quiz time !!! :-La

Q : What are the other 3 programs LA likes ?

my guesses :

  • ccleaner
  • openoffice
  • CSC ?


Hang on, I just posted my top 5 (so this is an edited post), when I realized this is a quiz. 88)

I think nlite will be in the top 5 won’t it

Make that an XP nlite LA edition ?


nLite - very mixed feelings; I hate that it uses .NET Framework, on the other hand one is usually up to reinstalling Windows just after using nLite so it hardly matters. And the purpose of nLite… is just biblical. :a0

yahoo widget ;D

Pink Browser ;D

L.A. is still on Windows ? :o ??? 88) :-TD

so far we’ve found 3 out of 5 ;D

  1. N’lite
  2. Pink browser
  3. Yahoo widget

so what do you suggest? symbian? 88) ;D
how do we (as normal,non geeky office guy) can survive without M$ anyway? most of all common applications are made for windows 88)

I’m not talking about you ;D And I’m not talking about office here.
Seriously L.A. - if you have the time - go for Arch Linux. Blazing fast, boots in 10-15 seconds. Kernel is only about 2 MB ! Plus, you build it yourself from scratch. You choose your own desktop enviroment (KDE lite recommended) and your own applications. It’s awesome, though a bit technical. But I know you like challenges :wink:

Or use my eXPerience XP version. Boots in 8-10 secs and uses 50mb ram, and is still capable of doing everydays tasks. Like printing, wireless networking etc :slight_smile:


Windows needs a lot of crap, like AV and stuff :-TD Plus XP is no longer supported, so it won’t get any better.

That’s the great thing about it, it can’t become any worse ;D

And the AV is simply changed by CIS and we all know how much recources that one’s using :wink:


CIS is bloated :-\

And office isn’t ? ;D


What office ? 88)

Yours ;D


LOL guys ;D

Yahoo widget? Pink Browser? where do you get these ideas from… :slight_smile:

Yes I’m still on XP, it’s the best OS out there. :a0

XP does get better; it gets relatively better, as all other OSs gets bloated. :smiley:

Of course Linux is always interesting, but even Ubuntu - which should be a rather well maintained distro - was too ugly last time I tried it. The theme is a mess with mixed fonts etc. Maybe it’s better now.

As for security, it’s a paradox, but I feel safer in XP because I know how it works and CIS helps me a lot. In Linux I don’t know if I can trust all those little applications made by enthusiasts… nor would I know how to properly configure an outbound firewall to be as leak safe as CIS.



  • I guess that’s 4 of the top 5.

Anyone knows the fifth? ???


Wow, nice guess - I even forgot about that program. As fantastic as Bryce is, it’s not top 5 though. Maybe top 6. :slight_smile: One can make great stuff in Bryce but there are disadvantage as well. E.g. navigating in the scene; you can’t even use the scroll wheel on the mouse for zooming… also, it’s too difficult making things in exact scales, snapping objects etc.