Larger Font sizes for alerts

Would it be possible to add an option for font size that would be used by the Firewall alerts. Perhaps (small,default,large).
Currently when one of the alerts pops up on my screen, I have to always find my reading glasses in order to read the warning and description. (:NRD)

By the way, I just converted from (broken) Zone alarm to Comodo and am very happy with the ease of use and reliability. Thanks for making this fine product available. I just wish I had converted a long time ago.


I would 2nd that motion…

Good idea! I also would like to have to have font settings for the whole program.

i support idea. it’s a good one :-TU

p.s.: maybe a poll would help us for this feature to be implemented…

Yes…good idea. I added it to the usability forum (forum for mods).