Large traffic when Azureus started

I Have recently started playing around with Azureus and setup a network rule as mentioned on this forum and also included azureus in applications with a nothing blocked connection as i was having Nat firewall errors as mention in one post here although i have recently installed a router and included that in a trusted zone

I noticed in Activity > connections that as soon as i started azureus large amounts of downloading traffic was taking place even though the azureus window was clear even if i blocked the network rule and application access the traffic still went ahead and two new azureus application rules showed up which were allowed even though the main one i set up i had blocked
two were TCP/UDP in/out with one blocked the other was allowed TCP/UDP in

connections was showing
Azureus.exe Destination 12.191.. - 220.253.. Port 1111 - 65535 UDP in/out with traffic running into MB

the listening port i set up for azureus was 65510

does anybody know why this is getting through and if there is a rule that needs to be added also any ideas as to why azureus would do this in the first place

It is DHT traffic, it is active even when there is no active torrent.
I guess, that it is allowed based on UDP In and TCP/UDP Out rules.
Do not look at traffic, Comodo shows incorect info for all applications.

Thanks for the info
Would DHT traffic use up usage bandwith or is this nothing to worry about

DHT uses download and upload, but it is only about 1 MB per hour or so.