large number of outbound connections with Firefox in Comodo Firewall 5.12

Hi, I’ve been discussing this issue in the Mozilla Firefox forum and the moderator thinks I should ask here. Comodo firewall routinely shows Firefox making up to and over 200 outbound TCP connections when I’m online, even when I limit Firefox’s allowed number of connections in About:config, (network.http.max-connections). I use excellent security, (Emsisoft Antimalware), plus several on demand scanners and my computer always comes up clean; whether scanning in safe mode or not. Is this normal?

Depends, number of tabs & windows open, addons, sync options, etc.

In my case, it happens with only one window and tab open and I’m only using 4 addons and 5 plugins and no synching. On some sites, the connections just seem to increase to a couple hundred then sometimes they decrease shortly after and sometimes not.

Are you using v5.x? There was a bug in the 5.x series where it would also show connections that were no longer active iirc making an impressive list of connections.