Large Hadron collider

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you know a while ago CERN started the LHC and it is one of the biggest scientific operations ever in the history of science… The beginning started about 30 years ago and scientists all over the world joining this experiment, scattered over hundreds of universities, however it is still more an European operation.

I want to discuss here with you guys, what you guys think will become the outcome of this experiment… (like discovering how it is possible that the mass of the universe is somehow floating ???, Is this the right approach to discover how the big ■■■■ exactly happened ???, Will the dozens of existing theories be confirmed or will they remain myths ??? etc…)

Tell me your views about this enormous project…

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Large Hadron Rap - YouTube (large hadron collider rap)

First, I hope no one misspells the name of the collider. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if this is the correct approach to finding out what happened at the Big ■■■■. I love physics and Theoretical Physics, so I read up on it as much as I can. However, I just don’t see the discovery of the key to finding out what happened at the birth of the Universe. Granted, we may find new particles, but that’s about it. I don’t think a Black Hole will happen like the doom-sayers predict. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the biggest question that they try to answer is how it is possible that the sky, the planets, the solar systems, the galaxy’s, the universe with all it is mass is still standing? and continues to expand… what does hold all this mass ??? I already know the answer, but I think they will not succeed in finding a scientific answer for that question … (:WIN)

errr what’s the answer then ???


that’s it?oh OK 88) i thought the owner of flashy lightsaber will come up with something hi-tech 88) ;D

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Technically, you are not off topic, because if you read up on the experiments, one of the particles they are trying to find is “The God Particle”. That’s what they serious call it. :expressionless: It’s the particle that holds everything together, so in essence they are trying to find “God”. Please don’t read this post as a joke, since it’s actually true, but sounds like a joke.

it’s not a joke,but it’s fun & interesting :-TU
i hope they can find whatever it is.
seriously, if we bring the GOD idea to the table in the first place we’ll go nowhere.

Yes! Star shadow you are on the right track!.. unlike other people here… (:LGH)…


tell me more, about your views on this experiment…