Laptop unoperable after downloading free Comodo

Please can someone help me? I can’t find help anywhere on this website, chat, submit ticket, etc., nothing works and is only for paid users. This is a nightmare. I have windows vista service pack 2, downloaded the free internet security pack, noticed it was running funky, was midscan, waited to finish scan, uninstalled geekhelper ready to uninstall the whole Comodo but shut down to do something. Came back, started, put me into asking if I wanted safe mode, went to safe with networking, tried to uninstall Comodo, said windows uninstaller not available, duh, tried to shut down, couldn’t, went to control alt delete, nothing, yanked the battery, started over. Get a windows logo, then NOTHING. ZILCH. A DEAD ARROW. I am totally P’d as I have very difficult to get international banking modules on my laptop and am not haoppy at the lack of help!!! I need help now! I can’t lose what I have on there just because of downlaoding this!!! Please, anyone, help me! I am not a geek, not horribly stupid but come on! How is this possible??? If this is how Conmodo is building TRUST–count me out! Please, can someone help me? I travel a lot and have many important documents on my laptop!!!

Best thing to do is go back to Safe Mode and run this clean up tool. Then boot back to Windows and try installing CIS again.

Let us know how things go.

Also; While installing before restarting; Open CIS and Right click the Icon > Defense+ > Training Mode Then finish with the restart;

After 10 minutes of running CIS Switch back to Safe Mode Configuration (Right Click CIS > Defense+ > Safe Mode)

Hope all goes well!