Laptop touch pad scrolling problem

edge vertical scrolling is not properly working on my elan touch pad , windows 7 starter , acer d2700


Can you describe the behavior in more detail? Also, does the issue reproduce in other browsers as well?

Thank you.

it just scrolls like pressing the up and down button one at a time on scrollbar, maxthon browser also has this issue :slight_smile:

The issue might be related to the touchpad driver. Try updating it and see if the functionality is restored.


I am having touch pad scrolling problems also. Vertical scrolling stalls / hangs. I have to swipe my finger 2-3 times before the page responds. It is happening on random pages, not just graphically intense etc…
My touch pad drivers are up to date and i’m not having this problem in firefox. I’m on a new dell I15, dual core 1.7ghz, 8gb ram, windows 8 64 bit