Laptop resuming from hibernation autonomously (V3.0.14 X32)

This is a long shot but it seems that CFP was causing that my laptop Thinkpad T60p with Windows XP SP2 32bit was resuming from hibernation in (exactly) one hour interval automatically. This happened only when the user in the context of which the firewall has been installed was logged in. When I hibernated with other user logged in or no user logged in at all, this problem did not occur. What leads me to the idea that this is being caused by CFP is the fact that after I uninstalled Comodo, restarted, logged in under the “problematic” user and hibernated the problem did not occur any more.

CPU: C2D T7200
Utilities: AVG 7.5 Free edition, Lenovo Thinkvantage and other Thinkpad-related utilities
None of the advanced settings of CFP were modified, firewall and Defense+ used in “Training with safe mode” setting