Laptop Profiles?

  1. As you’ve already discovered, the short answer is, “No. At the present time, CFP does not have a ‘Profiles’ function for different rulesets.” However, as you’ve also discovered, you can (with a little elbow grease) cover this by the creation of different named Zones and use those to create custom Network rules.

  2. There is not an automated rule export feature. This thread has information about the location of the registry keys, and the location of the Network Rules in the registry.,1019.0.html This thread provides scripting and a batch file to somewhat automate the backup/extraction of all settings at once.,2366.0.html (which I think you may have seen before). In either of those, you will need to turn off registry protection in Comodo in order to back up the rules (security/advanced/miscellaneous) and set the security level to Allow All (at least for the script this is true; it may be for a manual registry backup as well); CFP is set to protect itself against modification and termination.

Both these items are already in the WishList.



One of the other Moderators and I were discussing possibilities for this as regarded another user, and I had a thought to change the static IP assignment to higher in the range, and define your zone on that. Would possibly make it less likely to come up in a public hotspot.

There’s more discussion over here:,6876.msg51944.html#msg51944

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