Laptop froze


W10 Famille - 20H2 - 19042.804 / CFW :

Yesterday I was using Firefox in the container and the laptop suddenly froze.

“Send anonymous program use statistics to COMODO” is enabled.

There’s a dump under CisDumps. I can provide it if necessary.

I also have a Windows error report with cmdagent.exe.

Devs or mods correct me if I’m wrong but…
I think Comodo’s Container is not yet fully developed to run heavy applications (like browsers and their extensions) especially when those applications require access to one or more services which Comodo’s Container currently doesn’t support. A result of this could be a total freeze of a system.

Hi domo78,

Thanks for reporting, we have tested it. There is no issue. Please send us the dump files and error notes that you got through PM. We will reach you through Private message for further logs.


I sent you the dump by PM.

Please check again with