laptop continuously hacked by neighbours from hell

hi everyone,

i live in an apartment block with 2 geek software developer neighbours from hell. they continuously manage to hack my laptop as a kind of “sport”. It now 8 months and a new laptop later and still they manage to somehow get into my laptop. Is there something obvious i am missing? i am running windows 7 home premium with comodo internet security complete 2012 and trust connect using comodo DNS servers. I really need to lock down my laptop.

So far I have enabled wireless access on my netgear router. I have blocked the mac addresses of my neighbours wifi in comodo firewall . I have disabled anon login in windows and have set security on my C: drive. I use 12 letter passwords and change them all regularly.

The last attack on sat the first thing i knew was that my internet dropped out and i could not get back online. Further inspection I found that event viewer was nolonger running and i still can’t get it working again. Workgroup cannot be changed and trust connect was disabled by removal of the config file and am unable to repair or uninstall trust connect as I nolonger have access permission! despite being the administrator.

I don’t know what else i can do. any ideas?

AFAIK, there are only two ways they could be geting to your laptop - 1) via the routers wifi and 2) via an adhoc wifi connection connection direct to your laptop. Since 2) would require explicit agreement from you to succeed, this is unlikely - leaving us as the routers wifi as the most probable entry vector.

The easiest way is to not use wifi for a short period and switch to a wired ethernet connection to the router. Disable wifi on the router and your neighbours would then need physical access to your router.

If nothing else, using a wired connection and disabling wifi will give you enough time to configure the wifi properly and securely.

As a start, I would recommend turning off DHCP and assigning a static IP address to your laptop. Create a zone in CIS that has this one IP address in it. Use this zone in a rule to allow access and exclude all other addresses.

After disabling wifi, if they are still connecting to your laptop, then your laptop is the issue, not the router.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks panic. will try )

Yes try to use cabled internet… But if I knew who is doing it I would call police… That’s a criminal offence… Let them investigate…

Have created a network zone for my laptop and assigned a static ip address but unsure as to how to create rules to govern access. could you give me an example how to word rule?

I found out how they do it!!! via a windows update tunnel that they break into!!