Laptop Battery Not Charging

Hello all!

My laptop battery is not charging. When I plug it in, it charges a few minutes (or maybe just one) and then stops. Of course I don’t want to have to plug and unplug my laptop for an hour or so to get it to charge…

Even if the computer is off it won’t charge.

Please help!


The battery is dead.
Get a new one.

How long are batteries supposed to last?

Just a month ago when I had Vista it was fine…

or a new laptop ;D

a friend of mine once bought a laptop & have similar issue with battery.
the comp store told him that they can give him the battery replacement for free (since it’s still within warranty time limit) BUT then the warranty would be void 88)

I just read my warranty and it said someone called “ganda” would buy any new parts I need…hmm. :smiley:

It depands on the certain conditions.

1.defective battery.
2.powered on time.
5.user problem:
a.overcharge many times.
b.recharge many times.
c.get rid of the charging cable even if it is not fully charged.
And then using the battery.
d.repeat the above
C,D make your battery goes to the heaven more than a,b.

If you don’t have any problem with your Windows power management settings,
the problem is the battery.
Check your power management settings first.
Otherwise, the battery is dead.

Mrs. Creasy,

( ;D :P)

How could the power management settings mess it up?

So there is nothing I can do besides buying a new one? :cry:

Sometimes it doesn’t work properly.

So there is nothing I can do besides buying a new one? :'(
You can require the replacement if the warranty period remains. Otherwise, buying new one.

I’m searching around for answers, as I don’t want to replace my battery just yet.

In Dell suppose forums, some others have this problem.
Some just push the plug in harder. Some get the motherboard replaced. Some have a problem with the connection to the motherboard.

Creasy…if the battery was “gone”/dead, would this be shown?

See, it says not charging… :-\

Yes right.

Creasy...if the battery was "gone"/dead, would this be shown?

See, it says not charging… :-</blockquote>

Windows only shows you it’s not charging.
It doesn’t show you it’s dead.

1.test with other laptop.
Do you know anyone who has same type of battery?

2.bring your laptop to the repair shop and test it.

Don’t you remember DELL’s battery explosion?

Move your laptop to the bathroom before you go to bed.

;D ;D ;D



Know what?

It wasn’t the battery. :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a sidebar gadget. Yeah. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

How I found out:

I disabled this gadget:

It monitors the battery.

After disabling, I replugged the cord and it started charging!



Thanks for all the help…and you couldn’t have known it was a sidebar gadget. :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Well I’m now not sure. It was charging, but then I wonder how a gadget would stop it from charging when the lappy was off…

That’s not a default gadget! ;D

bug or Incompatibility? ???

The prelude to the EXPLOSION! ;D

I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess I spoke too soon…it was charging, but now it has stopped. Each time I plug it in it charges for maybe a minute…but then it stops.

I’m still not sure whether to get a battery, as I don’t really use it much. Usually wherever I go I can plug my computer in.

And it isn’t the pool season here so…(I often bring my laptop to the pool).

As I told you at the above, test it first before you get a new one.


Admit it Jeremy, your battery is toast!. get a new one.

Aww ok. :stuck_out_tongue:

There can be several reasons why it’s not charging. Did you try to check your battery wear level? There are many diagnostics tools which can help you see your battery properties (I’d recommend Everest). If your battery wear level is 90% or more, it needs replacement.

By Everest I assume you mean this? EVEREST Discontinued |

I got Everest Ultimate but it only gives a little battery info. >.>