Languy99 review avast 5 free/comdo firewal 4


Languy99 did a two part review on youtube using avast 5 free with comodo firewall 4 as compared to using full CIS 4 without avast. He mistakenly had the sandbox deactivated in part 1 but in looking at both parts it seemed like avast was doing a little better job of catching known malware (based on signature) in part 1 as opposed to comodo antivirus in part 2.
CIS 4 appears to be a great product but I’m wondering if the combination of avast 5 free and comodo firewall 4 might be even better. Would there be any expected compatibility issues long term using avast 5 and CF 4? Would any security features be lost by using avast 5 over comodo antivirus? Any thoughts, insights, pro, cons would be appreciated.


The links to the reviews:

as i said on the french forum, we can actually use cis with AV activated AND Avast! provided you disable the “File shield” in avast and tell avast not to start its engines before windows services start. Then They work together pretty well, avast monitoring the net , the urls etc… and CIS doing its usual job :-TU

it’s a “double security” !!