languy99 = awesome

i joined the forums because i saw languys reviews of AVs. i have always loved comodo but he made me remember how awesome it really was. i heard he was a mod here so i figured i’d stop by and say hello. i’m a huge fan of your reviews. i also do something like you do (ie use a VM to test AVs) except i don’t record my sessions. anyways thanks for the awesome reviews

I second that, he is awesome and I have cis on all my machines because of his reviews

Must agree!

Hello and welcome to the forum. Thanks for the kind words, I try my best. I know I might not do everything to everyone’s liking but I do what I can. Keep and eye on my page, new videos coming all the time. Also follow me a twitter if you want at I will usually post news about new reviews coming before they get released.

Languy is a great Comodo ambassador for sure. Give him a big hand… :■■■■ (:CLP)

Your testing skills/knowledge and honesty has helped a lot of people decide what to use.
Good on you languy99. :-TU

gotta agree with all above :-TU
also the “my security” vids are awesome
thanx languy99…keep em coming :slight_smile:


Now give him the beta of CIS 6 to review for us all to see :wink:

And give him a holiday I’m sure he need one :wink: