Language pack set to a date!! =)

Well not a absolute date!
But I wrote to Melih about the Language pack tool thing and GREAT NEWS! :wink: :slight_smile:

This is hes response! :comodorocks: (:HUG)

So hopefully in march CIS will be translated to other languages! :BNC :Beer

Have a Nice day… :smiley: :smiley:

Great news, maybe soon I’ll have CIS in Polish :). But fraknly I’d rather seen CIS without any bugs than CIS with bugs but in my native language… Bugfixing should be priority, translations later.

Guess they tries to do both… As not all can be on fixing, then CIS would not Evolve and be left in the dust!.. :o :o
Offering CIS in other languages is a much desired future for many! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I also like how the CIMA thing will be in this next version and a better memmory scanner… =)=)

There are guys for bugfixing and there are guys for translating… I wish They finish their job in the end of the month (:WIN)

But I wrote to Melih about the Language pack tool thing and GREAT NEWS!

Does this mean there will be translations or there will be a tool to translate?

It can only mean a Translator Tool. I guess finishing translations will take several weeks, months to finish help - if any - translations as well (earlier translation took like a month - next to job). Stay tuned, let’s hope there’ll be a tool withing 2 months.

This is great news indeed :slight_smile: As soon as the translation tool is available I can start translating CIS to French, and as soon as the transaltion is validated I can start deploying CIS to my friends and clients. (:NRD)

CIS in Catalan and maybe Spanish of Spain,hehehe. I’ll have a lot of job

And I will do my best to help with the Swedish translation… (:LOV) (:LOV)

The simplified Chinese translation

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I think it is great everyone is willing to help with the translations files.

I’ll translate it into English. 88)

(Latin? Pig Latin?)

Or fex al dos speeling erorrs. :a0

hello. Many month’s ago I began to translate into Mongolian. i was busy. One day Comodo updated. my Translation’s not working.

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There is a new ver of comodo BTW 88)