Language modules in CIS

When support of language modules in CIS will be realised?

Translation’s start soon… You should see most of them like in CPF 2.4, Maybe even more - who knows. :wink:


Can CIS implements another translation process? I remember CPF which can’t speaks all languages correctly, such as brazilian portuguese with strings length greater than english ones.

I ask you to do so as soon as possible.

I do not know as translation for CPF 2.4 became, but I categorically for such principle which is accepted for NOD32 about what I already spoke. I already wrote the thoughts of this occasion, but I would will repeat once again what wished to see a principle of implementation of set of languages.

  1. For each translated executable file should be library with a prefix in the language name.
  2. In the given library should be stored only resources which on structure of resources should repeat completely those files which they localise, i.e. if String, String, if Dialog, Dialog
  3. the Help file also should boot the localised
  4. the File cavshell.dll also should contain resources for localisation (it is a file of integration into Windows shell)
  5. In folder ENG files-samples for translation should lay
  6. the Structure of the organisation of files should be as in a figure

Я не знаю как делался перевод для CPF 2.4, но я категорически за такой принцип, который принят для NOD32 о чем я уже говорил. Я уже писал свои мысли по этому поводу, но повторюсь еще раз каким бы я хотел видеть принцип реализации множества языков.

  1. Для каждого переводимого исполняемого файла должна быть библиотека с префиксом в названии языка.
  2. В данной библиотеке должны храниться только ресурсы, которые по структуре ресурсов должны полностью повторять те файлы которые они локализуют, т.е. если String, то String, если Dialog, то Dialog
  3. Файл справки также должен загружаться локализованный
  4. Файл cavshell.dll также должен содержать ресурсы для локализации(это файл интеграции в оболочку Windows)
  5. В папке ENG должны лежать файлы-образцы для перевода
  6. Структура организации файлов должна быть как на рисунке

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How long will it take to translated? :THNK

Dunno how long… Community is involved in the process too.

Many languages have the same problem. French, for example, is on the average 30% longer than the equivalent English, and German can be even longer.

It should not be forgotten that to Translation

We’re happy to help you.

It won’t be a problem at all. Language is a kind of art, it’s very flexible, very creative. sometimes a whole article can be shortened to one word, as long as you understand the real meaning. You are so underestimating the art of language and the translators.

Sometimes a wrong translation will also do, because with a familiar language, people can memorize where to click where to check, even if it’s not the real meaning, who cares? you think people will really understand all the technical lingo?

The only thing we need is a language interface! just release one language file which we can refer to, other language version will be done automaticly. tons of people will do it for their own country’s users.

I’m not, really. My wife and I used to do translations (of science-fiction short stories) during the early years of our marriage :wink:

That’s what we have been told over and over again for like… short of a year now…

So, sorry if I’m a bit skeptical about this. Well, the current version already does load language resource DLLs, that it’s still completely broken is another story, but at least it loads them (and log viewer translation actually works), so perhaps it’s not just empty promises this time.