LAN Workgroup access

Very simple answer, I’m sure. Comodo just installed on WIN2K machine that is one of two WIN2K machines in a workgroup on a D-Link DI-604 Router. Router is connected to cable modem. EXACTLY how do I establish LAN connection with my other workgroup computer which is connected to router? Wizard does not seem to do the job. Everything is Ethernet.

Well, miracles of miracles: my other computer just appeared where it had been missing in “Computers near me” in “My network places.” I guess WIN2K takes its sweet time updating the system to display all workgroup entities after a change such as the Comodo install…even though the LAN connection details/permissions were proper in Comodo. I sort of remember this confusion from a distant past experience, now that I think about it. Hail, Microsoft!! I wonder what “My network places - Computers near me” was doing while on vacation after such a change? I think it took about 15 minutes to indicate the presence of the other computer.

I guess I’m cured…but comments appreciated.

I have four Windows XP Pro machines in a workgroup and they see each other almost instantly after Windows has started.
Not exactly sure what this “Computers near me” place is (it’s long time since I’ve used Win2000) but it probably the same place as “View workgroup computers” inside “My network places” in XP Pro. There I see my PCs (if they are on) that are in my Workgroup.
I also have done the following little tweak to speed up LAN:
in regedit:

In the NameSpace folder you will find two entries. One is
“{2227A280-3AEA-1069-A2DE-08002B30309D}” which tells Explorer to show printers shared on the remote machine.
The other, “{D6277990-4C6A-11CF-8D87-00AA0060F5BF},” tells Explorer to show remote scheduled tasks. This is the one that you should delete.

This often speeds up LAN. Since it stops looking scheduled tasks.

I also have “automatically search network folders and printers” turned off.

edit: My CPF network rule is as following:
Permission: Allow
Protocol: IP In/out
Source: Range: -
Destination: Range: -
Criteria: Where IPproto is any
my router’s IP pool for LAN PCs is -, but needs to be allowed for the broadcast traffic in internal network, I believe.