LAN sharing internet help!

Heres my problem… I have the comodo firewall setup to allow the LAN connection but all it can do is share files and such but the only thing it CAN’T do is share internet from this computer to the other one. I’m useing a Yellow crossover cable from both of the PC’s. Please how me with this problem. If this is fixed everything will be perfect.

ohh and BTW if I click on the Block & Log and set it to allow instead of block it works…

example: Network monitor
I.6, Block in Log, IP In/Out, Source ANY, Destination ANY. If i set that to allow it will work. (:NRD)

Welcome to the forum.
You should have the block rule untouched.
Go to activity/logs and see what that rule blocks, so you can make a rule for it. post back if you find anything in the log, or post the log if you want help. Don’t run any other applications.